Sunday, 18 April 2010

ADTEA files case in CAT, New Delhi

its came to know that ADTEA has filed a case in CAT,New Delhi, in respect of enginnering assistants and technicians who joined the department after 25.02.1999. more details are awaited.
reference from ADTEA South Zone, e-bulliten

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

deprived ea & tech club, south zone

deprived ea & tech club, south zone

here is the site link to deprived ea & tech club, south zone,

our new platform to fight against discrimination.

An Appeal from 'NEW EAs' to Associations

this was the reply got from ARTEE VP(SZ)....

We all know "6500 scale for NEW EAs" case is now in Delhi High Court. And we ,as individuals, believe that at the end we will win the case. But, we also know, as it is a legal process, it has taken more than six years, till date, and it is bound to take much more time unless it is  taken-up with more priority, which  is not possible in near  future, as Associations have more important issues to deal with, at this  point of time. Now, situation being  this, we today as NEW EAs are given a Grade Pay of only 4200.
Dear Friends,
Just clear your mind that there is no cadre called New EA in our organization. We have only EAs but unfortunately there are two pay scales. To end this discrimination, ARTEE took up the responsibility to take the case to the CAT, Delhi by fully funding it when there were only a few EAs in the 5000 scale. As you are aware we won it at CAT and now the case in High Court after an appeal by Government. It is clear that we don’t have any influence over the judicial system but can only wait for the outcome. If you have any idea or procedural knowledge to speed up the case, kindly let me know, so that I could recommend the same. There is no link with other issues and court case as you complained.
Till date we as NEW Employees  have been deprived  of Equal Pay.And now today, by siting it as a general recommendation of 6th Pay Commission , under the banner of SSS, Associations are asking for the merger of EA and SEA, merely on the basis of scale / GradePay. While the merger is totally appreciated,  asking it only for EAs with 4600 GP they, being our own colleagues, have  totally forgotten the fact, that we are also EAs in the Same Designation with Same Functionalities as 4600 GP EA.Today (say on 04.04.2010), if a Sr.Tech (with ITI Qualification) gets promoted as EA, he will be last in the EA Seniority List but he gets 4600 GP and Tommorrow or subsequently, he will also be merged with SEA.While a Directly Recruited EA ( who is more Qualified Diploma,B.Tech and M.Tech)  joining on 26.02.1999 (with 11 Years Service) will remain in the same post.If EA/SEA merging happens merely on the basis of 4600 GP only NEW EAs will be left behind in this cadre which will subsequently be merged with 'Senior Technician' when cadre review is implemented.
Juniors get Merged with higher Post, while Seniors are Excluded from the Merger.
 We ask you, Is This Justice?
Dear Friends,
We are also with you and clearly say that this is injustice. ARTEE is fighting your case to solve it from 1999 not from 2006. Need not worry about the 4600 GP for some EAs and merging with SEAs. These are the natural outcome of VI CPC and will not affect your case which is from 1999. Don’t get carried away by speculation and misinformation but have faith in ARTEE who is fighting your case in the court of justice and at the ministry level.
In our case, until now, there was a Difference in Pay.But after this merging there will be
(i) Difference in Pay
(ii) Loss of Seniority
(iii) Difference in Designation also.
These differences are bound to grow exponentially in very near future.
Now, while there is some hope of correcting Difference in Pay, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to correct the Loss in Seniority and Difference in Designation, at any time in future.
Today this is our SERIOUS CONCERN.
It is unfortunate that Associations themselves are pushing for this situation. And it is hard to believe for us, that it is not happening deliberately to get an undue advantage in future after cadre review.
So, we STRONGLY OPPOSE this MERGING and DISCRIMINATING ATTITUDE towards us on the basis of Scale or  GradePay.
So, as this Merger is only on the basis of GradePay, we appeal to everyone ...
Dear Friends,
There is no need to oppose it but support it you will also be benefitted. If you want any more explanation, we are ready to give the same. I encourage you to send a delegate to Chennai or arrange a meeting anywhere and we are ready to discuss it sitting across the table.
With regards,
Boban George
ARTEE, Chennai

DETC south zone site

hi friends, here is the link to DETC south zone site,